Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Play

Another snow storm.  I enjoy watching the swirling snowflakes - especially when I am in my studio playing - snow light is a bit grey but bright and very even.  I have fun writing and doodling (I had intended to clean my work table to prep for some painting, but...)

scribble, scribble

Combine with words and collage:

Black card stock, gel pen, litho crayon, chalk

And more fun - I love doodling dogs:

Gel pen, Sharpie pen, charcoal on kraft card stock

Remy and I will be playing indoors today :-)

Monday, February 23, 2015

#DogBiscuitAppreciationDay ...really?

I didn't know that but I like the idea.  And I am pretty certain that Remy agrees:

Quick! before it's gone :-)

Odd looking biscuit, huh. It's made out of his regular kibble.  Remy has food allergies which means he has one kind of dog food that he can eat.  It comes as kibble or canned - no biscuits.  I have used the canned food to make and bake biscuits but, whoa, quite an odor.  Because Remy is completely happy with kibble treats I decided I didn't have to put myself through that anymore and have foregone baking.

Friday, February 20, 2015

...Fur as the eye can see :-)

This is yesterday's warm-up sketch and it literally warmed up my drawing hand :-)

Drawn with ball point pen.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reverse painted mixed media acrylic panel

Here's a second acrylic panel (mixed media assignment for Year of the Spark  - Collage and Reverse Oil Painting on Plexiglas® class by Lynn Whipple).

The panel features my boy Remy when he was about a year old - he's six now:

"DOGINT: Dog Intelligence"

This is the back (painted and collaged) side:

I used acrylic paint instead of oils.

I made this panel because I wanted to look up from my work and see my Golden looking back at me :-)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Collage and Paint on Plexi

Lynn Whipple ( Year of the Spark, Lesson 3 ) shared her experience of collage and reverse oil painting on Plexiglas®.

I used acrylic paint instead of oils mainly because acrylics dry quickly.  Painting on the reverse side is a slow process because there is a lot of turning back to front to check how the painting is progressing.

"1 2 3 Change" on non-glare acrylic panel

Having completed one of these acrylic panels I have to say that this technique is very messy - at least the way I do it - which gave me another reason to be happy that I chose acrylics.  Cleanup is much faster than with oils.

I like the technique a lot...messiness notwithstanding :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Litho crayon drawing

Out of desperation I had to organize a couple of flat file drawers; I found this drawing of a well-worm boat shoe to share with you:

"Old Boat Shoe"
Litho crayon is pleasant to draw with; it's creamy and leaves a nice expressive line.

Monday, February 9, 2015

From the January lesson from Lynn Whipple for Year of the Spark – select a “hero” image and combine it with other design elements to create cards.

Oy, I have a suspicion that I may not have done the specific assignment as I was not thinking “card” or event e.g. birthday.  I did create these, though:

"Life is a Twirl"
elements: "flower girl" image, my hand lettering - colored and cut out, monoprint I liked but had not taken to completion

"dispersal of the keys"
elements: a "Pulcinella" image, metal keys, torn pieces from my slush pile, gold paint pen, black paper

 The process was thought-provoking and enjoyable :-)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Patterns - doodling, tangling

I enjoy doodling and if I have a quad pad in front of me, it usually ends up looking like this:

Lynn Whipple's lesson for part 2 of Year of the Spark has an element of pattern making.  For the class assignment - I began with some color:

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

For the third pattern page, random doodling and tangling with some shading and no color:

Pattern 3

Pattern-making is relaxing.  When I put away my paper and pen, I have created some backgrounds that may be useful or if nothing else... collage fodder :-)