Friday, September 26, 2014

"Walkies" and some happy news

Yay, "Walkies" is done.  This is the next interim picture:

If you want to see more of my process, check out my two previous blog posts.

And the completed drawing:

"Let's go 'Walkies'".

The pastels were fussy to work with compared with colored pencils, but in the end I like the result.  I think I will use them again, too :-)

This sort of landscape really pulls me in - I get lost in imaginary structures and creatures; so I have to ensure that I stop frequently to assess it over all and then decide whether to proceed or not.  I think I stopped at a good point...

And the happy news?  My painting, "Flowers In The Mist" sold a few weeks ago:

It is a great feeling {big smile}.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


The landscape is progressing.  Here are a couple of pictures of the process:

Adding pastels.

Unfinished but it already has a name: "Walkies".

I thought using pastels to add color might be less time-consuming but I believe it is taking even more time.  But, I love the effect.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drawn into imaginary landscape...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, lately I feel compelled to return to drawing; the subject has been birds but yesterday I just wanted to make a landscape - an imaginary one.  Years ago I used to make 22" x 30" pen & ink and colored pencil drawings - like this one:

I used to make a complete layout in pencil before inking.

I was curious to see how I would draw my imaginary places now.  I have a couple of views of my process:

Smaller format: 6" x 8". Sketchy layout then straight into inking.

Changes happen :-)

Inking completed.

And now the color decision.  I would like to do something different so pastels perhaps???

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bird Variation

I have been in the mood to draw, draw, draw... specifically in ink.  I made a variation of the bird in my previous post - only this time I began with little circles and an active line using a Pigma Micron .005 pen.

When the line work was finished I added color with pastel pencils.  Ta-dah, a blue green purple bird:

O my goodness, another bird...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mixed Media Br-r-r-d

O my, the weather is changing quickly.  More drizzly, cloudy days and cooler temperatures than I remember from years past.

So yesterday I was in my studio looking out at the trees and watching wedges of geese flying off to wherever they go this time of year and this image came to me:

Am I a braven?  Am I a rudgie?

This is a sort of a budgie-like bird with raven coloring who is of course wearing vermillion ear muffs... why not :-)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pop of color

I continue to draw birds (!) and this is the latest one in pastels and ink - a little guy with a nice red belly:

Warbling a personal tune  :-)

Remy and I are still enjoying the sunshine, mixed now and again with fast-moving rain showers.  Here's my boy smiling away because he had just finished chasing his tennis ball around the yard:

Play time...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mostly charcoal sheep

Along with birds and mushrooms I've been drawing sheep, specifically Scottish black-faced sheep... very appealing critters.

Here's a quick charcoal sketch of what immediately comes to mind when I think "sheep":


The next two are graphite and charcoal.

Facing front:

And to the left:

I am finding that sheep - as with elephants, hippos and other "bulky" animals - are very much defined by the subtleties of their outlines.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another mushroom

I am still want to draw mushroom shapes - so here is one on its own:

I always think mushrooms look like houses...