Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brushing paint

I am having so much fun applying acrylic paints with an abandon that I usually reserve for abstract painting.  Diane Culhane's techniques from her online class, "Paint Your Garden"  really encourage me to use a lot of dry brushing, leaving underpainting and other layers only partially obscured.

The assignments are great exercises and I am getting the hang of using a rigger ("liner" brush) to define little characters.

Some vignettes from a couple of days ago:

Very green sort of flower...

Is there a flower like this one?

This is also a flower...with fireworks :-)

Some "brush"-ier birds:

Brushing, layering, masking and some sgraffito.

I added line work. (I really like to add definition.)

Well, time for an iced Americano and more studio time. 

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  1. love the birds...this looks like an interesting class..