Monday, June 2, 2014

Bird in blues

I had one last piece of watercolor paper that had been prepped with acrylic paint.  Not wanting to do another wolf I decided to create an imaginary bird.  I watched a short video on Carla's blog where she demonstrates a "creative starter" technique that is brilliantly simple (here's the link to Carla's post).

I drew my circle and flower on some scrap paper then cut it into quarters; I didn't glue the two pieces to my w/c paper but taped the pieces onto some copy paper:


With tracing paper over top, I "found" the bird:

He was there all along.

I transferred my drawing onto the prepped paper and masked the bird with painter's tape.  Then I brought out the oil pastels and began applying color.  I also used pastels, colored pencil and graphite.

Bird in blue and I think he's found something:

"I spy..."

It was a beautiful spring day and outside my studio all kinds of birds were singing.  I enjoyed working along to their beautiful calls.

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