Thursday, June 12, 2014

Further adventures and accountability

in the land of "Paint Your Garden", Diane Culhane's online workshop.

The assignment was to create a painting using masking techniques.  I began my painting that way, but, well, over time I covered them up...mostly.  So here is the result:

This is a different kind of composition for me...

Hmm, I think this one is okay because I learned a lot in the painting of it.  I have a better feeling for what I should do in the next one that will allow me to achieve the results I am seeking.

I like taking online classes where I post my work along with other members of the workshop. It's a very different animal from displaying art in a show.  I am under pressure to post in a timely manner which means that even if I don't really love what I have created and/or it falls short of my goal, I have to tame my ego, let go of any thoughts of perfectionism, and put the work out there. 

Art is so intimate that the vulnerability I felt at first was terrifying.  But, after the first time or two I was surprised to find that, whoa, I survived.

Accountability in the very personal arena of my own art work is helping me to grow every day.