Friday, June 20, 2014

Dialogue with paint

"Paint Your Garden" had a final assignment which was to put to use the various techniques Diane Culhane taught over six lessons.

Here's what developed for me:

Birds and flowers...springtime.

I say "developed" because the ideas arise from the painting in a free-flowing manner - as the paint is brushed or otherwise applied.  Images appear from between layers or as a result of mark making from sgraffito, stippling, frottage and the other techniques.  I found it key for me to be aware of unfolding possibilities from one brush stoke to the next mark.

I guess it's pretty obvious that I thoroughly enjoyed this class :-)

BTW, Carla Sonheim is re-running her online class, "Imaginary Creatures" beginning next week (!).  I took this class when it first ran and I highly recommend it. 

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