Monday, April 24, 2017

More hand-lettering, word art and a little black glove :-)

I was doodling in my art journal and a little white dog appeared - he reminds me of Duffie, my sweet little Westie from many years ago.  Who can know where the untended mind will go?

Carbon black ink, Sharpie markers, Copic markers

This word art also is the result of a doodle. 

I like to be aware of when it is used.

And the little black glove?

Remy's antics with his "found" object make me laugh!

Remy found one while we were on walkies yesterday.  It was great fun to mouth it and toss it up in the air and generally roll around with it.  "O, the little joys that a dog enjoys." - a cranna quote :-)

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