Thursday, February 4, 2016

Oddly egg-y

This sketch of flowers is from my art journal:

The Egg Flowers (ink, colored pencil)

The blossoms began as randomly placed yellow marker circles.  Next I surrounded each one with jagged "blossom" heads.  I let them sit that way because I thought, "my, my, they look like eggs, now what?"   I felt a bit unsettled with the visual/linguistic combination of egg and flowers.  O, I should explain, I am a little queasy around eggs that are out of the shell - I just am :-)

I came back in a few and added the leaves, stems, and ground.  This is what I love about daily art journaling - it's very easy to take a chance, explore, and experiment.  I find the greatest value in executing the daily practice.  I wrote more about it in this blog post (Carla Sonheim's art journal layout, Cat Bennett's class, Making Art a Practice).

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