Tuesday, March 10, 2015


More Year of the SparkCarla and Lynn both teach and this time Carla is up.

I think the goal of this lesson is to become comfortable with abstraction.  

Essentially, look at a scene with the intent of creating a sketch that minimizes photo-reality and instead focuses on lines and shapes, patterns, forms, etc. that are appealing.  

And then from that sketch create another one where the focus changes from that of "representation"  to one of "qualities", e.g., abstraction, of those shapes, forms, patterns.

Here are three sets of sketches.  For each set, the sketch on the top is the interpretation and the sketch on the bottom is the abstraction.

First set:

park scene

abstracted - emphasizing line variation, form

Second set:

amusement park

abstracted - emphasizing shape and shadow

Third set:


abstracted - emphasizing form and texture

I enjoy working in the abstract :-)


  1. I think you did more with this assignment than they probably imagined could be done. Superb!