Sunday, May 11, 2014

From Wolf to Woof!

The mixed media assignment I just completed (for  Carla Sonheim's 2014: Year of the Fairy Tale) has a wolf as one of the characters.  Well, I began with a wolf but as I created the illustrations using the techniques Carla demonstrated, my wolf morphed into another critter.  Let me show you.

First technique:

Pretty wolf-like, I think.

Next technique:
O, I see a change.

Final technique:
Um... a dog.

The first illustration is oil pastel on watercolor paper and the next two are acrylic and oil pastel also on watercolor paper.  I haven't used oil pastels much at all so this was an opportunity to haul them out of the cabinet and explore.

When I laid out all three pieces to assess the results my reaction was, "wow, these are really primitive" and then to my surprise, "there is something about them that appeals to me."

I am not putting away the oil pastels quite yet because I want to find out what the appeal is... :-)


  1. They ARE all appealing. I've been posting on my blog too so it's nice to see yours!
    Consider myself a follower!