Monday, March 30, 2015

Announcing... the CrannaSphere

I have officially dipped my toe into the sea of online selling.  Impetus comes from this month's Year of the Spark business video.

I chose Etsy because most of the setup is already done.  One day I will have my website up, but for me creating a website is daunting even with templates - terms such as html and style.css cause my eyes glaze over :-D

Why CrannaSphere

I had thought that DarleneCranna would be a logical choice for my shop but it was not to be.  If a name has ever been used before on the Etsy site in any capacity, it can never, ever be used again.

Years ago I set up an account in my name to buy some prints and other art work and because I used it to make these purchases, my name fell under the laws of Never-Ever land.  Disappointed? Uh huh.

Okay, not to dwell, I did the rest of the prep stuff (shipping info, payment methods, listings) - not very exciting.  But when it came to designing my shop banner, now that I enjoyed:

I will put a link on my blog...when I figure out how to do it.     


  1. Congratulations! This (Opening Etsy) is on my list too. Hmmm, had no idea if I used my name to purchase I couldn't use it for an Etsy Store Account. Your banner is delightful. Cheers-Darlene

    1. Yes, I wish I had known about the name thing, but that is how it goes. I had fun coming up with another name - my husband thought my shop name was amusing, in a good way :-)

  2. congrats to YOU! fantastic to be up and running :) and I love your work!!