Monday, March 17, 2014

Yupo :-)

Yupo "paper" takes some getting used to mostly because it isn't made of natural materials; it's made entirely of polypropylene. Here are experimental paintings based on earlier graphite drawings.

Watercolor and graphite. Scratches made with sandpaper:


Only watercolor and graphite:


Yupo is a dream to draw on. And I love the smudgy effects I can achieve with a simple "B" lead. Watercolor can be wiped away with a wet rag even after the paint is dry...whoa :-)

Lots more to learn about and explore with this "paper".


  1. your yupo paintings are wonderful!! i'm having a lot of fun with this assignment, aren't you?

  2. Hi and thank you. Yes, I am having a lot of fun - the Yupo adds an element of intrigue :-)

  3. wow- yupo and you work well together

  4. Oh your paintings look great! I am having a tough time with the Yupo but perhaps I need to draw first as the blank page is intimidating!

    1. For me, I get the first mark down on a blank page the same way I get into the swimming pool - I plunge. No wading in one step at a time - maybe because I could change my mind :-)