Friday, October 4, 2013

And now for something completely different...

I took a quick break from my current Gelli plate printing to do something I've always wanted to do - carve a stamp. Remy was watching me - and since he's a sweet dog he didn't comment on my "process" or eat any of the pink carving detritus.
So of course I drew a little image of a dog, no surprises there! and burnished it onto the carving block. I had some idea of what to do from reading Geninne Zlatkis's book, "Making an Impression: Designing and Creating Artful Stamps" - a great book.
I grabbed my tools and started.
Et voici, le chien:
Freshly carved, yay!

Here he is with a couple of impressions:
Woof, woof and woof!
I had a bit of a problem with carving the paws due to carving-tool-driver-error; I wandered over the line ;-)
I had a lot of fun and I will be making more.


  1. This is about too cute! Good job! It's easier than we think to make stamps! You're reminding me to get out my stamp making stuff. Giving me ideas . . .

  2. very sweet....if you colour it in, or on fabric stitch around, you will never notice the oopsy on the paw!