Friday, January 29, 2016

Watercolor birds and Remy's 300# snack

I decided to use water colors today in the pink-y orange-y range.  The pink, peach, and yellow combination appeal to me :-)

Three Little Birds, ink and watercolor

O, about Remy's 300# snack, this is what I rescued of the quarter sheet:

He chose the "good" paper, Arches 300# (638 gsm) hot press.

Even as a puppy he enjoyed ripping up paper and eating it (oh, no-o-h).  I've learned to close the door to my studio and office lest he grab a quick "bite".

He's really a sweet boy.

Remy with his octopus.


  1. Oh must smell good. And taste good, too. Your watercolor birds are sweet, just like Remy.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Remy really was enjoying his snack with no sense of guilt at all :-)

  2. When my friend's puppy came over, he showed good taste in sandals. Fortunately, he brought it over to show us what he'd found