Friday, August 29, 2014

Designing ball gowns

Eight months in,  2014: Year of the Fairy Tale online class is going strong.  Carla's class assignments explore many techniques and themes that I can "take for a spin"; if I am really taken by any I can explore further on my own.  The class keeps moving on and every fairy tale teaches something new.  This experience in itself is valuable for me.

We are in the discovery period of Fairy Tale #6 - and it's all about ball gowns.

Designing/daydreaming the gowns, the details and of course the fabrics...sigh.  I enjoyed it so much I was surprised.  Since these are just black and white sketches, much is left to one's imagination.  So let it take flight :-) 

For waltzing... gowns with room to move.

Under the ballroom lights - sparkle, sheen, translucence.

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