Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Talking to me without saying a word...

Remy's looking at me like this and his expression "speaks volumes".

Bored. Sad. "When can we go walkies???"

Br-r-r-r. We've been in the deep freeze for like what seems "forever"...well, okay, I exaggerate, but for many, many days the "high" daytime temp has been in the single digits. Oy, even Remy doesn't like his tootsies to be in the snow in temps like that. But he still misses "walkies". My sad little Golden.

However, today the temperature soared to 45 degrees (!) and Remy and I were able to get outdoors and enjoy the brisk temperature, slight breeze and beautiful sunshine. He had a smile on his face and his tail was waving like a flag - two signs he is really having a good time. Makes my heart happy :-)

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  1. Same for Stewie...it was -40 here the other night!! I made some fleece booties for Stewie to keep his paws warm and they work great! He loves the cold, just not on his feet. Once it gets above about zero degrees he is okay without the booties.