Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My first "tile"

Patterns interest me. In the past, whenever I would chance upon Zentangle® art I always found myself taking a second look.
So I couldn't pass up the chance to take a Zentangle-related class offered through Carla Sonheim's online classes: Beckah Krahula's "One Zentangle A Day". The class is based on Beckah's book of the same name.

Today was Day 1, Lesson 1 and this my first Zentangle tile:
Dizzying :-)
Each tangle (pattern) has a name and for some inexplicable reason I just think that's pretty cool. So I used "Hollibaugh", "Tipple", "Crescent Moon" and "Knight's Bridge" on this tile.

It's really is a lot of fun :-) 

BTW, does anybody see a dog in all of that patterning?

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