Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Bunny

It has been a bunny morning chez Cranna. Remy found a baby bunny in the back yard.

Remy was very, very excited. He was sort of nosing and pushing at something and when I saw clearly what it was I told him to "leave it"; he stopped. He was hovering over it and I said, "leave it" again and he moved away. I called Remy to me and he came (Good dog!!!) and he was rewarded with a high value treat and then another one!

Have you ever seen a baby bunny? This grey furball was maybe five inches long with a sweet face topped off with perfect little ears. He was so scared he was hunkered down and wasn't going anywhere. After Remy was back in the house, I went out to scoot the little baby away. He really didn't want to move to I sort of lightly touched his head and back with a dish towel until he turned and did a sort of slow motion hop away.

So here's a mixed media piece to celebrate Mondays (sometimes characterized as blue Mondays) and baby bunnies. A blue bunny...why not?

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