Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Scaredy Cat" Goodies and egberts and etcetera

I enjoy supporting fellow artists.  I love to purchase artwork directly from them or from their online shops.  Recently I have backed a few Kickstarter campaigns.  I love to hear about the progress of the campaign and the excitement of reaching the campaign goal.

My most recent Kickstarter was in support of a long-time children's book author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner.  He was looking for backing for his project, "Scaredy Cats -  Funny Scary Stories for children by Shoo Rayner."  The project was successfully funded at the beginning of August.  My copy of the book and a lot of other goodies arrived a few days ago:

"Not too scary" tales for children :-)

I know I've mentioned a few times that I don't know much about cats, actually, hardly anything except that cats are as loved by their humans as I love dogs.  That's good enough for me :-)

These also arrived the other day - two egberts:

Honestly, I had to have a couple of egberts :-)
I don't know where I've been, but I had never heard of this kind of brush.  It was described as an elongated filbert - and I really enjoy using filberts - which enticed me to give this brush a try.  And whoa-a-a, that is an apt description.  I think they will be fun to paint with :-)

I continue to work in my art journal, daily. And from it, here's a sketch of a duiker - reminds me of a deer:

Ink, conte, pastel.

And recent word art:



  1. I meant to back this Kickstarter for Scaredy Cats then I lost track of it. I did just fund one for Joshua Werner doing comic books. You've got my interest with those brushes. Cheers-

  2. Hi Darlene - I know, the "egbert" caught my eye and I found myself doing a Scooby-Doo "wrrarh???" and doing a search on those brushes :-)

  3. Hi Darlene,

    So Glad everything arrived safely for you. I worried a little as I handed over a pile of parcels at the post office - so many of them going abroad too.

    All the best