Friday, October 23, 2015

Contour drawings

I am in week three of Cat Bennett's online class, "Making Art a Practice".  This week "daily life" is the subject matter.
Without a doubt, Remy is an integral part of my life; he is with me constantly.  He was a natural pick for at least one drawing:


I always have a cup of coffee so I found a nice soft-leaded pencil and grabbed a sketchbook:

Quick capture :-)

My fruit choices are currently pears and apples (yum) so mid-afternoon I lined up a selection:

Contour drawings are a favorite of mine.

Cat also wanted the class to use color.  Here are the same three pieces of fruit in color (well, the one in the center, sadly, has since been consumed):

Inktense pencils, charcoal, and graphite.

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