Monday, July 13, 2015

Doodling on the grid

Since taking Diane Culhane's class, "Doings of a Doodle", I have become more aware of the subject matter of my doodles.  I tend to draw critters and flora, favorite objects, and lots of patterns.

I have always doodled on bit of paper and on paper pads, Post-It® notes, etc., but rarely kept them.  But now, I also make an effort to use watercolor or bristol paper (better quality paper) or I grab a sketchbook (my doodles are conveniently collected for easy perusal).

A technique that I have adopted from Diane's class is doodling on a grid.  I am not sure why I find grids so appealing - perhaps because they become patterns, too.

Today my doodling led to this:

Working on a grid is satisfying :-)

I like that this is full of color.

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