Monday, December 16, 2013

Moonlit tile

The "One Zentangle® A Day" online class ended on Friday. One assignment for that last class was to work with white gel ink on a black tile. The light source, if used, is the moon which means that highlights are used instead of shading. I normally head right into shading an object so I had to change the picture in my head when I used my white chalk pencil :-)

The gel pen I used had an "issue" with laying down a nice clean line, very frustrating. Anyway, this is my practice piece:

I also used some new tangles.

And then it was on to my first black tile:

Think moonlight - not sunlight.

The effect is nice overall. However, I tend to focus on line work and my eyes go right to the intermittent ink flow problem...but I'll get over it!

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